SimpleCraft Resource Pack 1.20.5, 1.19.4, 1.18.2 for Minecraft

Simplecraft Resource Pack 1.9.4

SimpleCraft resource pack 1.20.5 , as the name suggests is a simple, straightforward texture pack that has been around for quite a while. The sole purpose behind this resource pack was to get rid of 8-bit look of Minecraft while keeping the blocks easily distinguishable. The author “RandomMacFive” successfully managed to achieve this by making textures similar to OCD pack. SimpleCraft has 16x resolution which does not make your PC a toaster unlike other packs out there. It will take you a while to adjust to this, if you are switching from high-definition packs. But don’t you worry, its worth it!

  • 16×16 Resolution
  • Lightweight textures
  • Easy on the eyes
  • Shows empathy with other blocks
  • Great for children

Download SimpleCraft Resource Pack 1.20.5, 1.19.4 RandomMacFive

For Minecraft 1.12.2:

Resource Pack Download

For Minecraft 1.10.2

For Minecraft 1.10

For Minecraft 1.9.4 – 1.9 – 1.8.9

How to install: Download the resource from aforementioned link. Do not unpack the files. Save the file in the following folder path:

SimpleCraft Changelogs:
  • Updated for 1.8.x
  • Swapped Sandstone Normal and Sandstone Smooth textures
  • Changed Prismarine Bricks to look like standard Clay Bricks
  • Textured Sponge and Wet Sponge
  • Changed Birch Logs to match the style of the pack
  • Textured Acacia Log and Dark Oak Log
  • Textured Prismarine Rough
  • Changed the outline of the Crafting Table and Chest
  • Added two new potion effects to the inventory GUI
Tips and Warnings

In case you get missing textures (purple blocks). You can avoid them by using this pack alongside with other resource packs. Also, OptiFine can be used to get more features such as Connected Textures, Better Clouds, Lava and Water animations

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