LaggRemover 1.20.5, 1.19.4, 1.18.2 for Minecraft

LaggRemover 1.20.5 for Minecraft basically deals with the chunk loading system of the game. The plugin works on the principal to repel or delay the loading chunks in order to prevent them from loading. It automatically erase the spawn chunks which usually load simultaneously with out having particular functionality in the game.

LaggRemover Bukkit Plugin

The initial purpose to reduce the spawn is to manage the load on the random access memory. The tool will eventually consider a non playing member as a empty entity which will allow you manage the resources of your server properly and distribute them with proper players.

In order to work with extra high capability this tool introduces a Smart Lag Detection Feature. This feature will provide a sophisticated mechanism to deal with the lags and jerks in the game. It covers up the artificial intelligence program to help a host to manage lags. The activation requires the configuration of TPS which eventually triggers the AI. The AI will automatically trigger in the server when it will detect the overuse of the RAM in the server. In simple words, the AI will work wake as a lag remover and then it goes back to sleep (to its original state).

LaggRemover 1.20.5, 1.19.4, 1.18.2 Bukkit Plugin for Minecraft:

For Minecraft 1.8.1

 Release Date:  17th October, 2015
 Version:  0.1.9
 File Size:  39.7 KB
 Supported version:  Minecraft 1.8.1
 Author:  drew6017
 Download  (Direct): 

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  • Ram Usage Reduction – LaggRemover decreases the amount of ram your server uses by monitoring and controlling the amount of chunks loaded into memory. The more chunks loaded, the more lag your server will have. LaggRemover eliminates this problem by keeping the bare minimum of chunks required loaded.
  • Advanced Tracking Technology – Get the most accurate Ticks Per a Second (TPS) reading of your server with the latest and most efficient methods possible.
  • Impression Factor – First impression is everything with a server. If your server is lagging like crazy when someone joins it for the first time, they are not going to want to keep playing on it. Don’t loose potential members to lag ever again.
  • Accurate Readings – Check to see if your server host is really giving your the amount of ram they say they are. You can list the amount of ram you are currently using, the max that you can use, and the amount you currently have allocated.
  • Smart/Automatic lag detection and removal – This feature detects and removes lag before it becomes a problem. There is nothing like this in any other plugin out there.
  • Automatic Lag Removal – Want to be extra save or maybe just make it look like something is happening? You can have a lag protocol automatically be run after a certain period of time.
  • Incognito Mode – Want players to have a lag free vanilla experience? Now they can with LaggRemover’s Incognito Mode! When this mode is enabled, players will not see any messages broadcasted by LaggRemover unless they have the lr.view permission.
  • Lag Machine Prevention – With LaggRemovers mob thinning, you can prevent players from making an effective lag machine. Lag machines are meant to harm your server horrifically by spawning loads of entities in the same location. Mob thinning can prevent such machines by disabling the ability for more than a certain amount of mobs to spawn in a single chunk.
  • Automatic Updates! – Once you download LaggRemover, you never have to again. Each time a new version is released, the plugin is downloaded and installed.

LaggRemover Bukkit Plugin 1


/lr help [num] – Lists all commands in LaggRemover.
/lr lagg – Displays the servers TPS.
/lr ram [branch] – Generic ram info command.
/lr chunk [world] – Lists the number of chunks loaded in that world.
/lr master – Displays a lot of information about the world and server you are in.
/lr clear – Clears all items on the ground.
/lr clear warning – Warns players that items will be cleared in 60 seconds and then clears the items 60 seconds later.
/lr clear entity [type] – Clears all entities of that type.
/lr clear entity [type] warning – Clears all entities of that type 60 seconds after giving a warning.
/lr items – Lists the number of items in your current world to the number of items on the server.
/lr unload – Unloads all chunks in a world that you specify.
/lr gc – One of the BEST commands in LaggRemover. This command unloads unnecessary items from RAM to increase your servers performance. Tests showed that it was able to decrease the amount of RAM being used by 50% when used at start up.

lr.* – Gives access to the generic LaggRemover command – Gives access to the help command
lr.master – Gives access to the master listing of all performance data from the server
lr.lagg – Gives access to view the Ticks Per a Second(TPS) of the server
lr.ram – Gives access to view ram data
lr.chunk – Allows you to list the number of chunks loaded in a world
lr.clear – Allows you to clear all items on the ground
lr.clear.entity – Allows you to clear entities of a certain type
lr.items – Allows you to list the number of items in your current world to the number of items on the server
lr.view – Allows players to view messages by LaggRemover when in incognito mode.
lr.unload – Allows players to unload all chunks in a world.
lr.gc – Allows players to use decrease the amount of ram your server uses by unloading irrelevant items.
lr.update – Allows LaggRemover to notify a player when an update is downloaded.

By using this tool you can easily cope with the severe lag issues which were probably preventing most of the user to host the server. Also it maintains the performance of host’s computer and prevent the extra burden on it. The more features can be explored in order to improve the quality of the server. Have fun and keep playing Minecraft.

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