Sonic Ether’s Unbelievable Shaders 1.20.5, 1.19.4, 1.18.2

Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders Mod 1.9.4

Sonic ether’s unbelievable shaders 1.20.5 (or SEUS) is a graphics enhancement mod for Minecraft that transforms your in game world into a realistic and beautiful environment without making use of 3rd party texture packs. This mod relies on GLSL shaders and OptiFine to add eye candy visuals and shaders for day and night effect. It gives a new life to your Minecraft and make it look like real world. The latest version is; SEUS v10.1


  • Improved Fog
  • Realistic Shaders
  • Optimized Textures
  • Mipmaps, Motion Blur
  • Better Draw Distance
  • Realistic Volumetric Clouds
  • ..and everything that involves bringing new generation graphics.

Installation Video and Gameplay:

Download Sonic Ether’s Unbelievable Shaders for Minecraft

Sonic Ether Unbelievable Shaders

v1.0.0 For Minecraft 1.15.2

v11 For Minecraft 1.10 and 1.10.2

v10.2 Final for Minecraft 1.8

v10.1 Final for Minecraft 1.7.10

The above version supports v1.6.4 and v1.5.2. Just make you’re using right Shaders mod.

by SonicEther, DaxNitro – Last Updated 5th May, 2014

How to install Sonic Ether Unbelievable Shaders in Minecraft:

  1. Download and install latest version of GLSL Shaders along with OptiFine HD
  2. Download your desired SEUS shader pack from the link above
  3. Go to Start Menu > Type %appdata%/.minecraft/ and press Enter.
  4. Go to Shaderpacks folder and place the zip file there (refer to Step #2)
  5. Now run Minecraft, Go to “Options > Shaders” and select SEUS v10.1 Preview 2.
  6. Enjoy, don’t forget to use your favorite texture packs!

SEUS previewTips and Warnings:

  • It would be nice if you install SEUS on a fresh/vanilla Minecraft. It avoids many compatibility issues/errors.
  • Update your Graphics Card drivers to the latest
  • Use this mod only, if your Vanilla Minecraft gives you 100+ FPS
  • Mac OS is not supported because it does not fully support OpenGL
  • Onboard (builtin motherboard) graphic cards are not supported, you won’t get more than 5 FPS. Although, Intel Iris 5000 graphics may handle SEUS (not tested)
  • Delete META-INF folder in Minecraft.jar, if you are having black-screen
  • You will find detailed installation instructions inside the zip file of SEUS


  • Uhhhh I did everything and It didn’t Work, I just have the defualt texture.

  • “”The 1.5.1 version is unavailable right now.
    by SonicEther, DaxNitro” – Last Updated 3rd March, 2013″

    • Don’t be a jerk, the first line on text on the page is “Sonic Ether’s Unbelievable Shaders for Minecraft 1.5.1/1.4.7”

  • It doesnt give me a blck screen it just doesnt work. i download everything and it hasnt worked. It doesnt give me the settings option to use to change the things required and it overall just does not work

  • Hello,i use magic launcher. IWatch Keralis on youtube he create installation Shaders packs with Magic Laucher. 🙂

  • Moi je n’arrive pas a le metre
    Je voie un ecrant noir help me please

  • Its cuz you need optifine D5 ultra which isn’t updated for the current versions. once optifine makes the new version of it it will work but until then it cant be done 🙁

  • Please upload your minecraft on mediafire or other site, and give me the link whit your minecraft … i try to make my minecraft whit this mod .. but dont work .. please help me.

  • Everything is blue when i use a seus but its normal with a regular texture pack A.k.a it did nothing? i have a 560 ti!

  • Hey, just a reminder, make sure you have the right version of Optifine installed that the mod specifies. That was my #1 issue. I really hope this helps

  • not removing META-INF folder and not copy the optifine and shaders mod 🙁

    • press f3+b it disables hitboxes i think you have toggled them on accidentally 🙂

  • Everyone who is complaining about this mod not working, you need to have a good computer in order for it to work. otherwise, if u have a sucky computer… your screwed

  • I have tried every tutorial there is and i have deleted meta-inf and done everything exactly as the tutorial has said.

    But i cant open a world when i click create new world, it says downloading terrain then black screen plz help ive used the correct versions still dosent work

  • This worked [Im on Mac]
    I totally did NOT delete META-INF folder.
    All I did was put Optifine files, shader pack in minecraft, made minecraft.jar into a folder, put in shader jar files into the folder. I didnt get any delay or black screen. I didnt ue magic launcher or forge even….. Theres some vids on youtube doing that.

    • I think it may be that the GLSL shaders mod doesn’t work with the recent optifine version – at least I couldn’t find the D2 Ultra build for optifine – only D3 Ultra and D2 Light, and GLSL seems to ask specifically for D2 Ultra.

      So SEUS may in fact be fine on 1.5.2 once GLSL is fixed to work with OF D3

  • I tried installing this mod, doesn’t work what so ever. Did every step perfectly, put all the mods in correctly, its just seems as though the texture pack doesn’t work. This mod isn’t for 1.5.2 as the description might suggest.

    The closest thing that I could get to the detail of the shader pack was to install the LB photo realism pack.

  • It works just find , vanilla MC, i used MCpatcher added optifine to it and GLSL… copied the SEUS shaders to the shaderpack folder , started the game went to options/shaders – selected sues no problems at all…

    it’s great for taking pictures , but I think people may agree when i say it can hurt the eyes when playing with it … ?

  • it gives black screen to u all not because u didnt delete meta-inf, its because its for 1.4.7

  • Works for me, I didn’t deleted META-INF file. Don’t delete it. First test it , if blackscreen, then delete it. Rather, u must have 100 fps, or you’ll lag very badly.

  • LOOK, Forge comes with its own SPECIAL META-INF, if you delete FORGE’S META-INF it won’t work, you NEED forges META-INF but you need to get rid of Minecrafts default META-INF

  • Shader is the worst problem for me im using msi ex465 in windows 7 downloaded minecraft 1.5.2 deleted meta inf downloaded forge i tested forge and it worked i installed optifine it worked i installed a shader that fits my minecraft 1.5.2 then enter the stupid minecraft game then black screen freak this stupid shaders >:( I NEVER USED ANY SHADERS I WANNA TEST THEM >:(

  • I’ve never installed a shaders mod before.

    Where is the “shaderpacks” folder? It’s not in Bin & it’s not in Appdata/Roaming/Minecraft. Bin has Shaders, & the other has resoursepacks & texturepacks.

  • Installed pack but error occurs (Invalid program gbuffers_textured_lit). 6 different sized minecraft screens appear in the bottom left corner. Any ideas on a fix? (P.S. I’ve read that shaderpacks seem to have a problem with Window’s 8 which I am currently using, could this be the cause). Thanks for any help!

  • For people who are having trouble with this… like ME for example, why don’t you zip your whole modified minecraft file with all the mods. so all I would have to do is download and copy & paste??

  • I can run normaly and i can see me on the minimap, but i dont see any texture.
    Not a block texture, not the sky texture, nothing.
    Please help !!

  • Help minecraft says that the shaders mod is not compatible with my GPU what dose that mean and how do I fix?

  • guys i think your problem is that you didn’t download minecraft forge but it still don’t work so get the minecraft forge

  • I did everything correctly with a fresh .minecraft folder but everything was white for me except for the UI. Every other packs work fine only “SEUS v10.0 Ultra DOF” shows a white screen.

  • okay… White screen in the game (I mean when u go into world not the start game)

  • Hey everyone, I don’t know if this is happening to anyone else, but I have installed everything correctly, I don’t get the black screen however it just stays in the normal view of minecraft, not the SEUS render.

    Opti fine: OptiFine_1.6.4_HD_U_C6

    GLSL Shader: ShadersModCore-v2.0.1-beta18-mc1.6.2-f859-ofuc4
    This one does say 1.6.2 but on the site it says 1.6.2/1.6.4

    Forge Mod: 1.6.4-Forge9.11.1.916

    It just doesn’t work once I click on the shaderpack in the Options.

    Also if I use the default texture pack, before the launcher is loaded it crashes so I am using another texturepack.

    If anyone knows please help.

  • This is so annoying I dont know where to put the shaders pack so i put it in the freakin mods folder i try it with forge and optifine and it doesn’t work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Put the Shaderpack zip file into the Shaderpacks folder, you will find it in Minecraft main folder. if you dont find one, create it.

  • Hi sorry if my post isn’t compatible with the topic but my Minecraft got White screen and only animal and mobs shadow displayed what i should do? NP:i just install optifine 1.6.2_HD_U_C4 and forge

  • Help! I can’t select the shaderpacks! 🙁 I try double clicking them and everything but nothing happens! :'(

  • Awesome mod, definitely adds life to Minecraft that the not even a resource pack can match.

    Combining with SixtyGig makes it look amazingly surreal. Even default is nice too. Minecraft was lacking in the feel dept. Glad you guys got together and made it work. 😀

    • Heres what you can do:
      -==[ MAC ]==-
      – get the LATEST version of 1.6.4 forge which is 1.6.4-
      – run minecraft once then close it to activate forge
      – install both OptiFine HD 1.6.4 and GLSL shaders 1.6.4 through the links
      – open your minecraft folder and drag both mods into the mods folder
      – run minecraft (you dont have to close it)
      – download a shaderpack zip file from one of the links or just download a shader pack from somewhere else
      – important hard step: DO NOT UNZIP THE ZIP FILE!!! of you do, just delete the folder!!!!!
      – another hard step but important: place the ZIP FILE into the shderpacks folder. just like installing a texture pack!
      – then while in minecraft go to options then go to shaders.
      – you will see a list of shaderpacks depending on which ones you have.
      – the zip file shaderpack you just placed in your shaderpacks folder should be there
      IMPORTANT!!!: the shaderpack MUST say: .zip after its title or its NOT the zip file!
      – once you have selected it, create a new world or go in a world you already made and ENJOY THE SHADERPACK!!!!

      -Fluffy P.S. if you dont get it, just reply to this reply and tell me what you are having trouble with and i will help you out, i check everyday for new posts/replies!

  • I followed the instructions but when I switch to this shader, The screen goes really tiny and to the bottom left corner. Why does this happen??

  • You need to have the latest version of forge, 1.6.4-, install optifine HD 1.6.4 and GLSL shaders, i do it on a mac and it works for me. and mac isnt even supported XD

  • When I force my minecraft to update so that forge isn’t installed anymore..then it works very nice but I cant use my mods because they need forge. But when I put forge back in… it says at the top op magic launcher… modifed!! and then I got instead of OK.. ERROR.. in magic launcher by the shaderspack. Does anyone know how to fix it.. or am I doing something stupid…. :-). I’m using minecraft 1.5.2, forge 1.5.2. U_D5

  • Most things work at mine, but
    mobs are invisible (except spiders at night, wich glow yellow)
    entities like arrows are white rectangles only
    and water wont work properly (its reflecting so strong you cant see shit)

  • *EDIT*
    -stained glass or ice is not transparent either (althought normal glass is)
    -chests are invisible, as are heads
    -gui-items are bugged
    -minecarts and boats are bugged (like other mobs)
    -burning mobs are a big pile of non-textured orange stuff
    -just like spiders at night, endermann glow all day (as expected)
    -if in an high angle, weird shadow-stripes are all over the surface

    +steady water is clear and working

    • I have everything working fine now after alot of google and youtube help. now i have noticed that stained glass looks horrible. is there a fix for this? i cant really find much online about it at all. help is appreciated/

  • Stupid question maybe…

    Installing on 1.7.2 — it says it requires Optifine and GLSL Shaders. Ok.. Except that 1.7.2 GLSL shaders say they’re not compatible with Optifine… So.. since there is a 1.7.2 version HERE how am I supposed to install it?

  • I have deleted meta-inf, but when i select the seus shader, it says ingame in a chat message “failed to create shadow framebuffer!” and i get 4, tiny, color-glitched, screens of the game at 1 fps in the bottom-left of the minecraft screen!

  • I’ve got an Idea…But I can’t stop the water WAIT! we can collect lava and put it down in front of the water! Minecraft server: Frank The Zombie.


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