BuildCraft Mod 1.20.5, 1.19.4, 1.18.2 for Minecraft

BuildCraft Mod 1.9.4

BuildCraft is a modification for Minecraft 1.20.5 that brings industrial revolution in your Minecraft world. It revamps the vanilla mining system and adds support for Pipes, Engines, Automatic Building/Mining, Crafting Tables, Recipes and Quarry. It automates the simple tasks that you do manually for e.g. mining ores/minerals/smelting and transports it to your base via pipes. It makes mining easy and more convenient combined with its multiplayer support.

BuildCraft Change Log:

  •  Broken Programming Table logic
  •  Add-assembly-recipe IMC not working
  •  Emerald fluid pipes not filtering NBT liquids properly

BuildCraft Change Log Beta:

  • Proper Stripes Pipe support for planting.
  • Assembly Table now displays schedules items, even if not craftable, and lets you remove them.
  • Assembly Table now has 12 output slots as opposed to 8.
  • Builders are now smarter and more efficient with their building slot decisions.
  • New Integration Table! More informative GUI, 8 slots, multiple chipsets into one gate at the same time!.
  • Recipe Packagers can use items from adjacent inventories – to the sides.
  • Rewritten /buildcraft command and added changelog viewing.
  • Rewritten Builder GUI – should hide NEI properly now, render better and it has a scrollbar for the block queue!
  • Robots can now wear helmets, and soon – other mod items!.

BuildCraft Recipes:

Download BuildCraft Mod for Minecraft

BuildCraft Mod Download

For 1.12.2 (Mod – Direct): Build-craft.jar

For 1.12.2 (Compat – Direct): Build-craft.jar

For 1.11.2 (Mod – Direct): Build-craft.jar

For 1.11.2 (Compat – Direct): Build-craft.jar

For 1.8.9 (Mod – Direct):   Build-craft-.jar   (File Size: 3.47 MB)

For 1.8.9 (Mod – Alternate): Build-craft-.jar (File Size: 3.47 MB)

For 1.8.9 (Compat – Direct): Build-craft-Compat.jar (File Size: 93.1 KB) 

For 1.8.9 (Compat – Alternate): Build-craft-Compat.jar (File Size: 93.1 KB)

Last Updated 27th May 2017

For 1.8 – Bui-ld-craft-0.10-alpha.jar (File Size – 2.98 MB)

For 1.8 – Bui-ld-craft-0.10-alpha.jar  (File Size – 2.98 MB)

For 1.7.10 (Mod) – Bui-ldcraft-7.1.14.jar (Direct – File Size: 2.65 MB) 

For 1.7.10 (Mod) –  Bui-ldcraft-7.1.14.jar (Alternate – File Size: 2.65 MB) 

For 1.7.10  (Compat) –  Bui-ldcraft-compat-7.1.3.jar 

For 1.6.4: bui-ld-craft-A-1.6.2-4.2.1.jar(1.3 MB)

by SirSengir/SpaceToad – Last Updated 23rd December, 2015

How to install BuildCraft Mod for Minecraft

Windows Operating System
  1. First Download and install Minecraft Forge API.
  2. Download BuildCraft Mod zip file form the link above.
  3. Go to Start Menu > Type %appdata%/.minecraft and press Enter.
  4. Open Mod folder (if you don’t find it, create one)
  5. Put the Buildcraft zip file there you downloaded in Step #2
  6. Close all the Windows and Start Minecraft to check.

Tips and Warnings

  • BuildCraft comes with a huge list of files and extensions, it is better to install it on a fresh copy of Minecraft.
  • ModLoader and ModLoaderMP is not compatible with BuildCraft
  • If you have any errors/difficulties using this mod, please post in official forums.


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