Risugami ModLoader 1.20.5, 1.19.4, 1.18.2

Risugami ModLoader 1.20.5  is basically a root modification manager for Minecraft that allows you to easily install mods by putting their files into the Jar file. ModLoader stops conflicts between the mods that modify the gameplay aspects and object IDs. Developers can decompile this mod to make their mod compatible with latest version of Minecraft. The current Risugami ModLoader is for Minecraft 1.8.6.

Guide, How to Install Risugami ModLoader:

Windows [For Minecraft 1.20.2 and below:

  • Open WinKey+R (it will open Run), type %appdata%/.minecraft/bin and hit enter.
  • Open up Minecraft.jar with 7zip/WinRAR
  • Drag and Drop Risugami ModLoader files in to .jar file.
  • Remove the META-INF directory too.
  • Close everything and Run Minecraft

Windows [For Minecraft 1.7.4 and 1.6.x]

  1. Run the Minecraft latest launcher and download v1.6.4
  2. Open Start Menu and type %appdata%/.minecraft/versions and press Enter.
  3. Copy/Duplicate the directory named 1.6.4 and paste as 1.6.4ML (you may name however you please, but everything must match) so there are now two copies.
  4. Enter new/duplicated directory and also rename the Jar and Json files, make sure they match directory name. (For e.g. 1.6.4ML.jar – 1.6.4ML.json)
  5. Open the json file in your preferred text editor program and change the following:
"id": "1.6.4"


"id": "1.6.4ML"
  • Now download modloader zip file from the link below and open it.
  • Open 1.6.4ML.jar file using WinRAR and drag and drop modloader zip file contents into the jar.
  • Start Minecraft launcher, create a new profile that uses your duplicated jar file (1.6.4ML.jar) so you can utilize modloader functions.

Download Risugami ModLoader

Risugami ModLoader will be available right after its release

Download Risugami ModLoaderRisugami ModLoader 1.5

Tips and Warnings:

  • Please be aware that Risugami has not updated ModLoader after v1.6.2
  • Keep a backup of your Minecraft Installation and world saves just in case.
  • ModLoader is incompatible with Minecraft Forge
  • If any problems, post a comment below.


    • you can erase the mods if you get an error by doing force update but remember if you force update is done goto minecraft.jar and delete meta-inf agian

    • For all those arguing about this. I have the same problem as everyone else with the black screen when installing mod loader. So I decided to unleash my kung fu. Heres some things I to get mine working.

      Starting with vanilla 1.5.1 jar file (deleted all old configs and mod folders) – runs fine..
      Installed optifine – runs fine..
      Installed Modloader – fail black screen..

      Start with vanilla jar file – runs fine..
      Installed Modloader first – runs fine..
      Installed Reis Mini map – runs fine..
      Installed Optifine – runs fine.. – MC 1.5.1 working with Modloader Reis Mini Map and optifine.

      Installed ToomanyItems mod – fail error that modloader failed to load
      MC fails with TMI modloader, minimap and optifine installed.

      Starting with mc jar file with modloader and reis mini map – fail error that modloader failed to load


      TMI dont work with Modloader
      Modloader must be installed before using optifine to aviod black screen.

      somebody needs to test other mods to see what works these are the only ones i use at the moment and for my purposes it works fine with Modloader, Reis Minimap and Optifine installed in that order..

      Basicly start with vanilla jar file. install ModLoader FIRST !!! delete entire META INF
      Install Modloader , Reis Mini map then (??other mods??) then optifine.

      If any of you appreciate what I have done here today please show your appreciation with a donation of any kind. copy and paste the link below into your browser. Thank you in advance… Now, LETS PLAY MINECRAFT WITH MODLOADER !!!


      • Hey good job i had blackscreen too (1.6.2)

        but did your trick it worked. 🙂

    • I installed modloader for MC 1.5.2 but when i lunch minecraft there is no mod option ingame.so i can’t play mods that need modloader.why?

  • This is not for 1.4.6 as of Dec 20 – it is the 1.4.5 version. There is (currently) no 1.4.6 modloader release

  • Like above – black screen. Previous versions for previous Minecrafts worked flawlessly. Tried 1.4.6 modloaders from many sites and they all black screen the game.

    • The official Risugami Modloader 1.4.6 has been released, the link has been already updated. Please try again now. Thanks.

  • Black screen Really? even TMI has blackscreen. these are all the mods I want for 1.5, TMI, SPC, Modloader, and Minecraft Fordge. and all has black screen. someone please comment me to stop this problem

  • Black screen here, too! And I did remember to delete the META-INF. Mincraft version 1.5.1.

    An update would be great!

    • i loaded fine, but i deleted the meta-inf before putting the loader on

  • for some reason when i install TMI it stops working and gives me an error report… seriously… i have like four of them because i kept trying. it kept saying “modloader failed to initialize” (I’m on minecraft 1.5.1)

  • 4 starters 4 everyone thts getting blackscreen install 1 mod at a time if it works backup minecraft 4 this open ur minecraft.jar by typing in start %appdta% it will open roaming fromthere open ur .minecraft folder thn open ur minecraft.jar delete meta-inf drag the files using winr ar or 7zip 2 install this mod

  • My son wants to run the Zeppelin mod, so I’m trying to install Minecraft 1.2.5 to make that happen. I found version B1.7.3 of the mod loader, but that causes 1.2.5 to blackscreen. It doesn’t generate any sort of log I can see.

    I’ve added mods to 1.4.6 in the past, so I understand the procedure, but this time I’m stumped.

    Thanks for any help!

  • Vanilla minecraft 1.5.1
    delete the meta folder in the jar
    dl’d modloader
    copy files into jar
    no other mods installed, nothing.

  • You guy are nerds you now that. You should talk to your and tell him to put v1.6.0 alpha on there.

  • You need Forge. To (commonly) install it, have mc forge, got .minecraft open the .jar in the bin with whatever .zip file opener u use (It has to be run by the .zip opener btw.) Then delete META – INF, then drag the mc forge files in, and don’t delete the Forge META – INF. SPC requires deleting that META – INF, So that should be the last before Optifine.

  • Client Doesn’t load, just keeps getting Exit Error 1. From what i can see, its conflicting over classes. That what happens when i downloads VANILLA , copy to its own folder, install JUST Modloader and run the game. shitloads of invalid classes, and a EXIT CODE 1.

    • That’s because someone messed up. Look at the date modified for all the files in the archive. This is basically just 1.6.1.

  • I’m using magic launcher and all I am getting is not compatible with the 1.6.2 magic launcher. However the 1.6.1 modloader worked just fine with magic launcher; know why this is? I tried to install modlaoder manually and almost killed my minecraft. It would be nice if anyone could get back to me on this.

  • Crashes my client on the Majong screen after I installed it and comes up with “ModLoader failed to initialize”

  • I don’t even have a jar file which is really strange. I’ve tried everything but I just can’t find mine.

  • i have done this and all i don’t get the extra mod button when i looking at the single player, multiplayer screen, any clues y?

  • Of course it doesn’t work. With the new launcher it doesn’t blackscreen you, but it DOES give me a ton of errors. ModLoader is too complicated. All these developers should make their mods compatible with the standard process (Splice jars, delete META-IMF, etc.). Not only modloader/forge. Doesn’t work no matter what with 1.6.4. Tried 3 different sites. Nada. Seriously Mojang, make minecraft compatible with mods. Like the FTB launcher, etc…

  • i doesn’t work.. always forcing close when starting.. maybe its not yet updated for 1.6.4? pls update it for 1.6.4..

  • So is this made and almost completely non-black screened and de-bugged or not? Because I’m going to download this when this doesn’t have bugs or black screening.

  • So this doesn’t work for my 1.6.4.

    Fresh install
    deleted Meta-Inf
    It’s a renamed folder and everything so it doesn’t overwrite

    The game works, then I copy over the mod loader files to the copy of the 1.6.4 version file, then when I press ‘Play’ the launcher simply flashes and disappears for a second then reappears, the game doesn’t launch.

    Anxiously awaiting advice or a fix, I like to play minimalistic, with Rei’s Minimap and a couple of other small mods.

    • I have the same issue with the 1.6.4 version. I press “Play” and it flashes, disappears and then reappears. No launch. Hoping someone can shed some light on how to fix this.

  • I have the same issue with the 1.6.4 version. I press “Play” and it flashes, disappears and then reappears. No launch. Same Old Same old – Hope they can get it fix soon

  • I am already familiar with how to mod the new game launcher set up and all that, but dose anyone know if the 1.7.2 version works or what the status is?

  • I did everything right, wth? When I go to create a new profile at the launcher, in the “use version:”, my thing wasn’t there! wth?! does it work with 1.7.2?!

  • Okay so modloader and forge aren’t updated for 1.7.4, but some mods are…..that makes no sense. How are mods supposed to run if the two only ways to make them work aren’t updated?

  • I’ll admit I’m computer illiterate but I was able to read and understand the directions. Everything looked and worked like I thought it would which made it easy to follow the directions. One problem though. After I create my new profile and select the ml version to play on I get nothing. It simply sends me back to the log in page. What did I do? and your going to have to dumb it down and break it down so its simple for me to follow. Oh and I’m using 1.7.5. Thank you all

  • Wow I tryed the YAH but it not working! i do use forge so thats probobly the problem. I will remove because the YATC mod isnt making me a creeper and the villagers are fine with me 🙁


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