Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Beta Download Coming Soon

Minecraft coming for Windows 10Minecraft players rejoice! Minecraft is getting a new version that will run alongside with default Java based Minecraft.

It is called Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Beta. It is primarily focused on Microsoft Windows 10 which is going to be released on July 29th 2015.  Microsoft is basically adopting Minecraft in its ecosystem, they have recreated Minecraft Pocket Edition in C++ to make it compatible with Xbox Live and other platforms. Also, there is no official word whether it will be supported by HoloLens or not.

The benefits of Minecraft Windows 10 Edition:
  • Full support for all control types. You can use Xbox controller, touchscreen or keyboard to play.
  • You can play Minecraft from PC on Local Area Network or Online with your Xbox Live friends, or vice versa. (7 maximum players)
  • Video recording feature, you can record your gameplays and share them.
  • DirectX 11 support. Better performance, boats and other glitches are fixed.  It will properly utilize CPU/GPU cores to smoothen the experience.
Where to get Minecraft Windows 10 Edition?

If you already own Minecraft on PC, you can download it from Windows Store for Free. Otherwise, you can buy it from same store for $10 USD.  Additionally, We will put download links here once it releases on Microsoft store.

What community wants currently:
  • Modding API
  • Linux/Android Support
  • Minecraft 1.9 for PC version.
  • Minecraft Story Mode
But Why?

The question still remains, why Microsoft did not port the JAVA version on all platforms, why they are distributing the Minecraft community in pieces. We hope that the Minecraft (java) on PC will get Minecraft 1.9 soon because Minecraft Pocket Edition is lacking many features.

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