How to install Minecraft Windows 10 Edition (Beta)

How to get Minecraft Windows 10 Edition
The long awaited Minecraft Windows 10 edition is now officially released.

This version of Minecraft has native support for Windows 10 and Xbox live platform. You are now able to play cross-platform between PC and Xbox.  Minecraft on Windows 10 is a based on pocket-edition so don’t expect that many features. If you own Minecraft on PC, you can get a copy of it for free, if not then you’ll have to purchase on Windows Store for $10.

How to install Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Beta:

This guide assumes that you previous own Minecraft on PC.

Minecraft Mojang Account
Entering Mojang Account to redeem Minecraft

1. Login your Minecraft account at Mojang:

2. Click “Redeem” button on your account

Minecraft _Windows_10_edition_redeem
Claiming free copy of Minecraft Windows 10 Edition

3. You will get a options to get to get Minecraft Windows 10 Edition. Click “Claim your Copy“. It will ask you to connect to your Microsoft account.

4. Once you link your Mojang ID to Microsoft account, you will be able to get a copy of Minecraft on Windows 10 store for free.

Note: If you don’t get option to redeem your copy. Wait couple of days.

If you don’t previously own Minecraft:

  • Open Xbox Live Games or Store on your Windows 10 from Start Menu.
  • Login with your Microsoft account and purchase a copy of Minecraft for Windows 10.


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