Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.7.4 Update Released

Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.7.4Mojang AB has officially rolled out the new Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.7.4 update on both iPhone and Android. The update has been submitted to application stores for final approval. The v0.7.4 is purely a bug addressing update. It fixes annoying bugs with Chests, Visuals, menu (GUI) along with tons of other improvements. Minecraft PE 0.7.4 is the last bug fix update. If everything goes smoothly Mojang will start working on new content in 0.8.0.

Here’s a list of Minecraft PE 0.7.4 Changelogs gathered from various sources:

  • Tapping and holding on creepers with flint and steel will cause them to ignite (Exclusive Feature)
  • Realms fixes
  • Tool breaking sound
  • Slightly darker clouds (PC Minecraft colored)
  • Chests now work properly in multiplayer. Crashes fixed.
  • Armour and Health Icons Obstruct Sign Menu
  • Chests Shaking
  • Chest Lighting
  • Flat Chest in Hand
  • Back Key in Chest GUI Issue
  • Splash Text
  • Seeing Moon Beneath You When Flying High
  • Creative Inventory
  • Half Slab Recipe
  • Crafting GUI Doesn’t Recognize Damaged Tools
  • No Moon Phases
  • Uncraftable Quartz Items
  • Wrong Item Counter
  • Food Breaks Blocks
  • And many other bug fixes.

Minecraft PE 0.7.4 APK and IPA update will be available once it gets reviewed by mobile application markets. Just be patient, it will arrive in a few days. If you already have the Minecraft installed on your phone, you will be asked to update it.


  • actually the complete release is already out..check amazon…however i am pissed about it because amazon just a store…what happened to android/ios priority..screw amazon and if want proof amazon gets all our apps first before google/apple i have pics showing the dates and versions…amazon has 0.7.0 while play store and ios sit at 0.7.3..ever wonder why updates take forever to get posted? its cause mojang pushes update to amazon first..i love mojang for all the work they put into the game but amazon not even a primary app provider..

    i do however hate the fact my answers on twitter are never answered..0.7.3 the armor ui is completely bugged and disabled not being able to craft armor at all on android and when i ask if its one of the bug fixes and im ignored

    • actually, iOS store takes longer to review. this was posted on one of the developers reddit. it’s not a favoritism conspiracy… they get released the same day. lmao. Apple is just slow, like at everything they do.

  • Well it hasn’t come out for me though. I am an android user and I could not update it.

  • Yea minecraft is out tomarrow and just a few minecraft adding ideas creative should have flint&steel,redstone dust and torch same as survival and they should add pressure plates

  • So will Minecraft PE players be able to make and join servers in update 0.7.4, or are they still testing?

  • oo ya heads up 0.8.0 has redstone rails powerrails and minecarts and 0.9.0is going to have new biomes

  • Lol after the 0.7.4 update.. My game crashes everytime i try to plant sugarcane on creative mode

  • ive just made a mcpe server and i need help. i dont know how to do a lot of stuff in it but if someone can help me that would be awesome you can join but i dont know what numbers to give youhow to install plugins or anything. please help me

  • When would we have:
    -pressure plates
    -fishing rods

  • Im sooo mad i want to plant sugar cane but i can’t it keeps crashing urg super posses off i hate this bug

  • My game crashes every time I try to plant sugar cane and or place a cake! Very frustrating, I hope they fix this bug soon.

  • Wtf this update is mess up I can’t plant sugarcane, put trapdoor down, and put down my cake, if I do it crashes!!!!!

  • Plz add:
    Anything you can make from above^
    Pressure plates
    Dungeons ( no need for caves )
    Potions and brewing stand
    Ability to have skins : ) (been waiting for that for awhile)
    And lastly, endermen 🙂
    Plz add this whenever you can


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