Better Sprinting Mod 1.20.5, 1.19.4, 1.18.2 for Minecraft

Better Sprinting Mod 1.9.4

Better Spriting 1.20.5 is a modification for Minecraft that improves the Sprinting System present in game. Sprinting is vital part of any first or third-person game but it can be frustrating if it’s bugged. In Minecraft sprinting isn’t fully functional, it doesn’t sprint over obstacles. Better Sprinting mod allows to efficiently sprint over blocks through better techniques while avoiding bugs. You can set sprinting and sneaking on hold or toggle it according to your preferences. Pretty useful!

Better Sprinting Mod Features:

  • Sprint (hold) key which allows you to sprint
  • Sprint (toggle) key which when pressed, toggles between sprinting and walking
  • Sneak (toggle) key which when pressed, toggles sneaking
  • Sprint menu key to quickly access Better Sprinting settings ingame
  • Option to turn on/off double tapping W
  • Flying boost when sprinting while flying in creative mode
  • Option to enable or disable sprinting in all directions (only in SSP!)

Minecraft Jar DownloadDownload Better Sprinting Mod 1.20.5, 1.19.4, 1.18.2 for Minecraft

For 1.16.3:

Better-SprintingMC.jar (Direct – Size 100.82 KB)

For 1.15.2:

Better-SprintingMC.jar (Direct – Size 101.64 KB)

For 1.14.4:

Better-SprintingMC.jar (Direct – Size 95.49 KB)

For 1.13.2:

Better-SprintingMC.jar (Direct – Size 80.73 KB)

For 1.12.2:

Better-SprintingMC.jar (Direct – Size 75.45 KB)

For 1.12:

BetterSprintingMC-.jar (Direct – Size 77.23 KB)

For 1.11.2:

BetterSprintingMC-.jar (Direct – Size 86.05 KB)

For 1.11:

BetterSprintingMC-.jar (Direct – Size 87.05 KB)

For 1.10.2:

BetterSprintingMC-.jar (Direct – Size 76.59 KB)

For 1.10

BetterSprintingMC-.jar ( Direct – Size 75.1 KB)

For 1.9.4

BetterSprintingMC-.jar ( Direct – Size 73.96 KB)

BetterSprintingMC-.jar ( Curse – Size 73.96 KB)

For 1.9 

BetterSprintingMC-.jar ( Direct – Size 73.9 KB)

BetterSprintingMC-.jar (Curse  – Size 73.9 KB)

For 1.8.8

BetterSprinting-MC-1.8.8-v1.1.3.jar (64 KB)

BetterSprinting-MC-1.8.8-v1.1.3.jar (64 KB)

For 1.8

BetterSprintingMC-1.8v1.1.1.jar (Direct – Size: 58.1 KB)

BetterSprinting Mod (Mediafire)

by chylex – Last updated 14th January, 2015


  • Performance optimizations and compatible to Minecraft 1.7
  • Dlying boost works only in creative mode (it used to work in survival mode with flying enabled)
  • Full compatibility with Forge
  • New screen for settings, accessible by Controls menu and customizable key (default O)
  • Customizable speed of flying boost, up to 8x
  • Option to allow sprinting in all directions (SSP only)

How to install Better Sprinting Mod in Minecraft 1.18

1. Open Minecraft.jar in an archiving software (such as WinRAR, 7zip or WinZip)

You can find the jar here:

In Windows:  Go to Start Menu > Type %APPDATA%\.minecraft\versions and press Enter.

In Linux:   /home/yourname/.minecraft/versions

In MacOS:   ~/Library/Application Support/Minecraft/versions

2. Now open the 1.7.2-modded version you created for mod installation. If not then read Vanilla section this guide.
3. Download the mod zip file from the links above, drag and drop all its class files into 1.7.2-modded.jar
4. Delete folder META-INF from Minecraft.jar
5. Launch Minecraft to verify installation. Enjoy

Tips and Warnings

  1. Make a backup of your Minecraft saves before installing any mod
  2. This mod is compatible with OptiFine, SPC and Forge. Other mods are not tested yet.


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