Mo’ Creatures Mod 1.20.5, 1.19.4, 1.18.2

Mo' Creatures Mod 1.10.2

Mo’ Creatures is a modification for Minecraft 1.20.5 that brings additional animals and creatures in your Minecraft. This mod makes your world filled with living creatures environment the moment you install it. It adds variety of new units to grasslands to water and sky. Mo’ Creatures also loads your inventory with new items to make your mining experience better. The great thing about this mod is, every animal has its own specialties/skills which makes it even better. They give different rewards, taming options, battles and much more. The latest version is; Mo Creatures 1.12.2

Mo’ Creatures Changelog ()
  • Fixed canspawn.
  • Fixed various sounds.
  • Fixed mocreatures spawning in unintended biomes.
  • Fixed enablehunters option not working properly when disabled.
  • Fixed creativetab.
  • Fixed ostrich flying controls
  • Added Ents
  • Added Moles
  • Requires v1.8 Forge Build 1450 or above.
  • No longer requires GUI API

Download Mo’ Creatures for Minecraft

For 1.20.1:

For 1.19.4:

For 1.19.2:

For 1.18.2:

For 1.17.1:

For 1.16.5:

For 1.12.2:

For 1.10.2:

Last Update on 8th October 2016

For 1.8.9:

Last Update on 25th November 2015

For v1.8 [beta]

For 1.7.10

Mo Creatures Mod Download

by DrZhark – Last Updated 5th August, 2015

How to install Mo Creatures Mod in Minecraft

Windows Operating System

  • Download and install the following mods first:
  • Go to Start Menu > Type %appdata%/.minecraft and press Enter
  • Go to mods folder (if you don’t find it create one)
  • Download Mo’ Creatures and CustomMobSpawner files and put it in ./minecraft/mods folder
  • Run Minecraft to verify mod installation.
Tips and Warnings
  1. Please make a backup of your saves and Minecraft.jar before installation.
  2. Mo’ Creatures mod supports Bukkit, there is an separate version for it.
  3. SMP is supported since it requires Minecraft Forge
  4. You can rid get off the horse by pressing ‘Shift’ key
  5. Please check official thread for more details about the mod.


  • I have tried and tried over and over to get this mod. please help me. how do I get this mod? (i’m sorry, i’m new to minecraft and don’t know how to)

    • you’r minecraft update like 1.5.1 must match with the mod.
      Like if you’r minecraft update is 1.5.1 you must browse the web for that mod for minecraft 1.5.1!

    • you click on the start on the botton of your desktop and type in the seach bar %appdata% and click on roaming then click .minecraft click on the mod folder and download the mod you want online and drag the .zip mod to the mod folder and play mincraft

    • If you’re new to minecraft, you should experience normal, unmodded minecraft first.
      And if you want to install this mod, then just READ THE GOD DANG INSTALLATION STEPS near the top of the page.

    • It’s cuz you’r minecraft crushed.
      And you’r minecraft crushed cuz you’r update is Example: 1.4.7 and the mod is for 1.5.1 so thats why.
      To get your minecraft back just do update it again!!!

    • i would recommend looking on youtube… I have a mac, and that is how I learned. It is quite simple! Just find a good youtube video to teach it to you. I also would recommend using popular mods, so you can find how to install it easier. I hope this helps!

  • i downloaded this mod and instaled it and then it crashed minecraft what d i do?

    • I think it’s becouse you’r minecraft is ex: 1.4.7 and the mod is for 1.5.1

  • i downloaded this mod at version 1.5.2 but i’m just get a black screen after mojang loading . i don’t understand why?????

    • It happened to me too. When you install Forge, delete Meta-Inf in the minecraft.jar. You also need GuiAPI and CustomMobSpawner for MoCreatures to work. :3

  • Hi I have all I need for the mod but why is it sometimes its ok but then if I’m digging and my home is in the ground I lag soo bad I can’t even play

  • I believe there’s a little bug right now…I can’t seem to dismout the horse even if I press shift and or everything else, the only way I found was to get close to a railroad, palce my minecart and ride it, that’s the only way I’ve found to get off the horse, any way to fix this?

    • OH! I just fornd that you dismout by pressing F. My bad, If anyone is experiencing this, just press F!

  • I’m In minecraft 1.5.2 and I really want this mod but when I installed this mod for 1.5.2 and and after the mojang screen I get a black screen.

  • I have installed GUIAPI, Modloader & Forge which all work fine.
    As soon as I put unzipped mod file into mods, my minecraft crashes. I have tried several installation variations, and the closest I can get is in mods on the game, says I am missing file. Why wont mods work? Am on 1.6.2 and all mods are same version. Pulling hair out!

  • i downloaded the mod and im 1.6.2 windows and I cant get in the game right when I press play It starts to enter my game crashes can someone please tell me how to fix this

  • Im gonna build a mansion with a huge fish tank and does the pirhannas kill villigers

  • So much fun! If you are struggling with this get it for the technic launcher, it comes with like 150 extra mods and a pre installed server!

  • Hey man i install all the things u say i must have, but when i try play it it dosen’t works! it stop on a screen ” updating minecraft” with a progress bar, ” done loading”, but the bar never get full. What must be i do something wrong? i know my versino 1.5.2 must be compatible, and i don’t mark the box “force update” in the fisrt window, so idk what is the problem

  • I’m on version 1.7.2 and I have custom mob spawner forge and gui api all on the same version and I have the mods file and everything is set up. Then I press on the mod, press install, create a backup file and start up minecraft on forge but then it crashes. I tried several times somebody please help me I can’t find the Meta-Inf file in case that’s necessary.


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