Minecraft 1.16.2 is out

What's new in Minecraft 1.16.2 Java Edition?

Nether update for Minecraft is officially out for the Java Edition of the game. This is the biggest update yet that focus on the underground gameplay involving Netherite items, biomes and mobs. There are total 28 new blocks in this update. The addition of Target block is fascinating, now you can program your redstone based machinery to activate as they get hit by projectiles. If used properly, you can create interesting survival maps. Did someone say Archery practice?

Which mods and resource packs support 1.16.2?

Like every other update, Mods do get slowly rolled out and updated by the developers. Here on 6Minecraft you will find the mods as soon they are released. As for the Resource Packs, generally they are compatible with the newer versions, however the new block textures will not be present. For that you'll have to wait for updated version of resource pack from the artist.

Basic Tools needed for running Java based Minecraft:

Minecraft Forge (API): It is the modding engine for Minecraft. It includes the necessary libraries and functions for developers to create Minecraft mods without programming everything from scratch. Not only it saves time but it also lets you build Mods that are highly compatible with other mods. Go ahead and Install Forge API 1.16.2, and make your modding easier.

OptiFine: It's a must have tool. It allows you to efficiently utilize the power of your Processor and Graphics Card to give you a smoother gameplay (higher FPS rate). Moreover, it includes support for Shader packs which make your Minecraft look extremely realistic and on par with modern video games.  Also, you must have OptiFine to use higher resolution textures from resource packs.

Fabric: It is another modding API like Forge, but developers are still adapting to its features. There are some interesting Fabric mods out there too.